AFM: With Major Deals, China Doubles Down on Hollywood


Two Chinese investments (including one for $1.6 billion) reveal a renewed effort to be a much bigger player at the global box office.

Hollywood has become accustomed to deep-pocketed Chinese investors rolling into town, throwing money at co-productions and shelling out for seven-figure distribution deals focused on bringing Chinese films to the world or U.S. films to China.

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North American Premiere of “Bride Wars”


Bride Wars (2015) Movie Screening: 10:30PM, Sept. 16th @ Cineplex Cinemas Markham & VIP Chinese remake of “Bride Wars”, the 2009 comedy that originally starred Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, stars Angelababy and Ni Ni, and tells of two friends who become rivals and go to extreme lengths of oneupmanship when their weddings are booked on the same…

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Bride Wars Leads Chinese Box Office on Qixi Festival

A photo shows the top ten highest-grossing films on China’s box office on Qixi Festival. The total revenue on the so-called China’s Valentine’s Day stands at 236 million yuan or some 37 million US dollars. [Photo:] China’s box office on the just passed Qixi Festival, the so-called China’s Valentine’s Day, stands at 236 million…

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China to Submit Jean-Jacques Annaud’s ‘Wolf Totem’ For Oscar Consideration (Exclusive)


The film, about the wolves that roam the steppes of Mongolia, will be released stateside Sept. 11.

Although it’s not yet been officially announced, Jean-Jacques Annaud’s new film Wolf Totem is expected to be China’s submission for this year’s foreign language Academy Award.

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