Bride Wars Leads Chinese Box Office on Qixi Festival

"Bride Wars" Leads Chinese Box Office on Qixi Festival

“Bride Wars” Leads Chinese Box Office on Qixi Festival

A photo shows the top ten highest-grossing films on China’s box office on Qixi Festival. The total revenue on the so-called China’s Valentine’s Day stands at 236 million yuan or some 37 million US dollars. [Photo:]

China’s box office on the just passed Qixi Festival, the so-called China’s Valentine’s Day, stands at 236 million yuan, or around 37 million US dollars.

Romance comedy “Bride Wars” takes the lead, grossing 93.4 million yuan, or 15 million US dollars.

This is also the film’s first day of screening.

“Go Away Mr. Tumor” follows, with a revenue of 56 million yuan or 9 million US dollar.

This is the film’s highest grossing day since it debuted last Thursday.

Leading actress Bai Baihe’s two other films “Monster Hunt” and “Cities in Love” have also made to the list of top ten highest grossing films on Qixi Festival.

The three movies have altogether nabbed 2.5 billion yuan or around 391 million US dollars at China’s box office this summer.