About CWFA


CWFA is a not-for-profit membership organization supported by filmmakers from both the Chinese and international communities. The organization provides an unparalleled insight into China-West collaboration issues in filmmaking from investing, distributing, government policies and regulations to filmmaking technologies. The CWFA’s mission is to provide advocating, networking and to promote effective communication, partnerships and connections for its members.


CWFA’s mandate is to bring together individuals, companies and organizations that share a deep interest in making films. Membership comes from both Western and Chinese companies, organizations and individuals and from diverse backgrounds and professions including producers, directors, buyers, distributors, media, production, politicians and policy-makers all with the goal to promote the culture of film making, the exchange of ideas, and collaboration within its membership.

Markham Mayor's greeting

Markham Mayor’s greeting

Senator's Oh letter

Senator’s Oh letter

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